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XT 1

XT, personalize your recipe and create your unique vision of coffee with the new XT. Strength, consistency and creativity all wrapped in technology. That's what makes her stand out.

XT 2

Flow profiling

Each independent group has a new flow control. The barista can customize coffee and obtain the desired recipe, by regulating the flow profile for each group thanks to a manual regulation. XTreme precision in flow, endless possibilities in extraction.

XT 3

XT temperature control

Precise control of the temperature in every single group. Double the control, double the precision. The flow controller and the probe can manage your temperature up to 0,1°c. Play with temperature and get the best out of your coffee.

XT 4

Weight System

XTreme accuracy in the weighing system, a real time weight control during the coffee extraction, and the end result in the cup. The XT gives you a drop by drop control to create your perfect shot.

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Imagine your ideal machine, choose the colour and personalization you want!

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